It is the user who decides on the success of your products.

UX Testing & UX Research

You want to know how your product performs in terms of usability and how to further improve your product's usability? The best and most effective method to find out is a test with real users. Just have a look over your users’ shoulders.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is probably the most effective method to identify usability problems and potential for improvement of an application. We generally carry out usability tests with real users of the respective target group – both in our test studio or remotely via screen sharing. By observing the actual behavior of the users while interacting with a product we detect all important usability pain points and develop recommendations for optimization.

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Usability Test

Remote UX Research

You would like to understand how users use your product in their everyday environment? Or your users are difficult to reach? Thanks to screen sharing, every device can become a virtual test lab – no matter if desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. Furthermore, it doesn't always have to be a moderated usability test: many other UX methods are also suitable for remote research.

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User Research

Understanding the users. Knowing about their requirements and needs. That is the precondition for a positive user experience and therefore a successful product. We can spare you expensive design flaws and unpleasant surprises - by systematically employing scientifically grounded methods in combination with our UX experts’ experience and knowledge. We will be happy to advise you which methods to apply in your project's context.

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Agile UX-Testing

Do you work in agile development processes and need quick user feedback on your product’s current state? We have developed our own testing procedure precisely for this case: Agile UX-Testing. Together with your project team, we analyse the results on the test day and immediately develop solutions. You can join us in our studio or remotely via online collaboration tools. Due to close cooperation and the absence of detailed documentation, user feedback can be obtained within 1-2 days and can flow back into the development process immediately.

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Agile UX-Testing

Quantitative UX Methods

Quantitative approaches allow you to quantify different aspects of usability and user experience. They are suitable for various research questions, for example when it comes to evaluating an information architecture or to comparing two versions of a website. Thus, they are a crucial source of information for decision-making. The combination with qualitative methods provides a holistic answer to your research question.

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Voice User Interface Testing

Voice-based user interfaces can basically be tested in the same way as visual user interfaces. However, the focus of a voice-based application is on the language: in the usability test of your voice user interface (VUI), we therefore check whether the application uses the "right" language and is structured logically, while taking common dialog principles into account.

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Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is a valuable instrument to measure in which sequence and how long users look at certain parts in a user interface. That way eye tracking helps us to identify which elements catch the users’ attention and which are ignored altogether. The method is especially powerful when it is used in combination with a traditional usability test or to compare different design alternatives.

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Eye Tracking

Mobile Usability Testing

By today, website providers are obligated to make their website easy to use with a smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices set totally different requirements in terms of navigation. We carry out usability tests for mobile websites and apps with smartphones (iPhone iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and tablets (iPad iOS, Android) to ensure an optimal usability.

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Mobile Devices

International Usability Tests

You want to ensure that your product is ideally adapted to the culture-specific differences of your target markets and strive to receive a positive user feedback?

We will be happy to coordinate your international UX study and – in cooperation with our global UX partners - take over the complete execution.

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International Usability

Expert Review (Usability Inspection)

In an expert review you receive structured feedback from our usability professionals. The quality of an expert review does not solely depend on a systematic and methodical approach. It is also strongly influenced by the knowledge and experience of the experts. The experts at are professionals with many years of experience in user-centered development and the evaluation of interactive products.

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Expert Reviews

Usability in Medical Engineering

You want to develop a user-friendly medical product that inspires users and meets the relevant standards? Due to our many years of experience in designing user-friendly interaction concepts we are best equipped to support you in that process. We involve the user in all relevant stages of the development process and help you design a product that is safe and easy to use. By systematically creating a usability engineering file we help you meet the requirements of IEC 62366-1.

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Usability in Medical Engineering

How do I profit from a good usability?

  • Satisfied customers and users

    Higher customer loyalty, reduced bounce rates

  • Better product quality

    Easy to use products, reduce errors

  • Increase in revenue and profit

    Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Increase in productivity

    Employees, working efficiency, less operation errors

  • Decrease of development time and costs

    More agile processes, avoid failing products

  • Decrease of support and & training costs

    Intuitive to use products do not require any training

  • Win new customers by reducing exit rates

    Reduced bounce rate through landing page optimization

  • User Experience as a positive product feature

    Competitive differentiation

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