It is the user who decides on the success of your products.

Focus Group

A focus group is a moderated group discussion with actual or potential users of your product. It is suitable, for example, for identifying user requirements and for obtaining user feedback during the interface design phase of a new application.

Focus group in session

Our approach to Focus Groups

A focus group is an effective means of obtaining the opinions and requirements of the target group regarding an application or product during different phases of the project. Through an open discussion by 5 to 8 target audience members, the users' needs for the future user interface can be identified and feedback on draft graphic designs can be obtained.

An experienced moderator guides the participants through the discussion with the aid of a moderation guide. The moderator ensures that individual participants do not dominate the discussion and that all questions agreed on with you are actually answered during the discussion. You are welcome to watch the focus group live in our observation room or via web stream at your office.

What can we find out with a Focus Group?

  • What opinions do users have about the current product?
  • How is the website, software, device, etc., currently used? Are difficulties arising during use?
  • Which contents and functions are currently not being used and why?
  • Are certain functions or contents lacking for users?
  • Which alternative of an idea, function, or design is preferred by users?
  • What do users like especially and what should therefore be retained?

When do we recommend a Focus Group?

Conducting a focus group is worthwhile, in particular, for identifying requirements of the target audience. A meaningful discussion of basic ideas, concepts, and initial designs is possible within the group. The discussion can reveal conflicts and contradictions among the various participants and produce an overview of different opinions.

Contrary to conventional usability tests, the main purpose of a focus group is not to observe the interaction of a user with a system and to identify usability problems. Instead, the open discussion is intended to capture the thoughts and attitudes of the target audience regarding concept ideas and planned changes.

  • Little effort

    A focus group enables you to receive the opinions and wishes of several members of the target audience quickly and with little effort.

  • Early use possible

    Even unfinished products, early prototypes, or storyboards can be discussed.

  • Gathering of new ideas

    The moderator uses techniques that motivate participants to formulate new ideas, regardless of their technical feasibility.

Remote Focus Group

Doing Focus Groups online? Not a problem! Our remote setting ensures results of equally high quality.

  • Virtual discussion room

    Participants and moderator meet online. And you can follow the discussion in our live stream.

  • Reaching special target groups

    Participants can join from anywhere. This allows us to reach even special target groups and discuss their user needs.

  • Digital collaboration

    Online collaboration tools allow participants to visualize their ideas and work creatively together.

Remote Fokusgruppe

What results do you receive?

You receive your results in the form of a detailed report that is based on the transcripts of the focus group. It contains the main results and the key conclusions and interpretations of our experts, which are illustrated with example quotations from the discussion. This document provides an overview of the course of the discussion and answers the target questions defined with you prior to conducting the focus group.

Do you have specific questions concerning the use of focus groups in your project? We will be happy to advise you. Free of charge and at no obligation.

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Focus group result

More questions? The workshop

In a workshop we will present your results and the resulting recommendations for improvement to project participants and stakeholders in your company.

In this case, our usability experts are personally available to answer any questions regarding their suggestions for optimization and to support you in the planning of any needed adjustments. Whether your development projects are agile or conventional, the many years of experience of our experts will help you to find customized solutions for your company and product.


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