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Better understanding of users by live Usability Test observation.

Usability Testing

A usability test brings your users into play. Our experts observe and interview your users, while they are working on typical tasks. That way we are able to uncover usability weaknesses in your application.

Video: This is how we run a Usability Test

All important facts about Usability Testing in 3 minutes

Our approach to Usability Testing

In a usability test, we observe and interview users from your target group, while they are working on typical task scenarios for your product. It is very important that the test participants are fully representative of the users of your target group. Our large participant panel enables us to recruit a broad range of test participants (e.g. average German online shopper, member of a special occupational group). The test itself is moderated by an experienced usability expert.

By observing the participants, we are able to identify usability problems and analyze how the users experience your product. Additionally, unconscious cognitive processes can be visualized with the help of eye tracking. You are welcome to observe the test sessions live: You experience your users while they are interacting with your product, listen to their unfiltered opinions and are able to see the application through your users’ eyes.

What can be tested?

In principle, all technical products, systems and machinery that are equipped with a user interface and that are supposed to offer an easy and intuitive user experience.

Examples for fields of applications and test objects:

  • Websites

    Web Portals, Online Shop, Web App, Intranet, ...

  • Interactive Kiosks

    Terminals, Vending Machines, POS, ...

  • Mobile

    Apps, Tablets, Smartphones, E-Reader, ...

  • Smart Home Appliances

    Smart Home, Ambient Assisted Living, ...

  • Domestic Appliances

    Washing Machines, Microwaves, ...

  • Home Entertainment

    TV, SmartTV, Gaming Consoles, ...

  • Products

    Packaging, Out of the box, ...

  • Software

    Applications, Games, ...

  • Medical Technology

    Geriatric care, Hospital technology

  • Prototypes

    Low-fidelity Prototypes, Scribbles, Mockups....

How and where do we test?

We are able to carry out a usability test almost everywhere: In our fully-equipped usability lab, or with the help of our mobile usability lab, in the field (e.g. client’s office, a user’s home). All over Germany or even internationally in cooperation with our partners.

Test sessions can also be conducted location-independent as remote test sessions. This makes sense, if the aim of the test is to observe the user in his home environment or at his workplace. It goes without saying, that you are invited to observe the test sessions live.

Usability Test mit Eye Tracking

Usability Test with Eye Tracking

The use of eye tracking during a usability test generates valuable additional data. While the test participant is working on a task, e.g. ordering a product, our modern eye tracker captures the user’s gaze. That way we are collecting the users’ statements and objective eye gaze data. Both the qualitative and the quantitative results are analyzed by our experts. The graphical analysis of the gaze patterns (e.g. heatmaps or scan paths) visualizes how the participants perceived your product.

More information about Eye Tracking and our Eye Tracking Video.

What can we find out with a Usability Test?

  • Are the users able to solve core tasks without experiencing problems?
  • Can important information be found easily?
  • Is the content comprehensible and well-structured?
  • Does the interface guide the user well through specific processes?
  • Are there any parts in the interface that cause the users to fail (possible termination point)?
  • Is it fun to use the application/the product (joy of use)?

When do we recommend a Usability Test?

Usability tests are a valuable tool at any point in time during the development process. The collected user feedback can be used to verify subjective opinions and assumptions and thus save time.

We are able to gather valuable user feedback on the information architecture based on as little as early mockups or interactive prototypes. By testing well before the implementation, you can ensure that usability problems can be solved easily, and guarantee a higher degree of usability in your product. Furthermore, time-consuming and expensive post-launch revisions are avoided.

Existing products can also be improved further by investing in usability testing: Before carrying out a redesign or revision of your product, a usability test helps to find out where you currently stand in terms of usability. That way you receive an objective and solid basis for prioritizing your further decisions: Which parts are already working well for your users and can be kept and which parts need to be changed?

  • Real users

    You receive insights into how real users interact with your website.

  • Feedback on short notice

    You will receive all results and recommendations for further improvement within 1-2 weeks.

  • Convincing highlight video

    The highlight video helps to confirm project stakeholders' assumptions or prove them wrong.

  • Everything can be tested

    In principle, all technical products can be tested even during early stages of development (e.g. using static screens).

What results do you receive?

You will receive a comprehensive report with a description of the usability problems and specific recommendations for improvement. A highlight video and a workshop are also part of the results.

Usability Report


You will receive a well-structured report with all test results. The report contains: The identified usability problems, screenshots that visualize the problem, best practice examples and specific recommendations for improvement. All results are prioritized according to their severity and illustrated with user quotes. If required, we also develop graphical solutions for more complex usability problems.
Enlarge report example

Highlight Video

Eye Tracking Highlight Video

The highlight video shows your users in action: Key scenes from the test sessions illustrate critical usability problems. From our experience we can tell that this look over the users’ shoulder is very convincing and helps to push through change requests internally.


Ergebnis Workshop

We present the results and the highlight video in front of all project stakeholders and discuss possible solutions. If technical or internal restrictions prevent a 1:1 implementation of our recommendations, we will find a compromise during the workshop that makes everyone happy: project managers, marketers, developers and most important – your users.

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What do I get out of usability measures?

  • Satisfied customers and users

    Higher customer loyalty, reduced bounce rates

  • Better product quality

    Easy to use products, reduced errors

  • Increased revenue and profit

    Conversion rate optimization

  • Increased productivity

    Employees, working efficiency, less operation errors

  • Decreased development time and costs

    More agile processes, avoidance of failing products

  • Decreased support & training costs

    Intuitive-to-use products that do not require any training

  • Win new customers by reducing exit rates

    Reduced bounce rate through landing page optimization

  • User Experience as a positive product feature

    Competitive differentiation

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