Better understanding of users by live Usability Test observation.

Usability Testing

You want to check the usability of your product? In a usability test you learn how your target group really uses your product and how you perfectly adapt it to their needs!

Usability Testing

When do we recommend a usability test?

The answer is: almost always. By observing and questioning your target group while they use your product, we find out how you can adapt it even better to their needs. Especially iterative and regular testing helps you optimize your product constantly.

Why is that so important? You and your team know your product well – too well to assess how your users get along with it. Professionally conducted usability tests provide the answer to that question.

  • Testing prototypes

    Are you developing a new product or planning a revision of your existing product and want to make sure that it is user-friendly?

  • Agile product development

    Do you want to regularly check the usability of your product during your agile product development process?

  • Optimizing existing products

    Do you want to identify the causes of problems or simply evaluate the status quo in terms of usability for your product?

What can be tested?

In principle, all technical products, systems, and machinery that are equipped with a user interface and that are supposed to offer an easy and intuitive user experience.

Examples for fields of applications and test objects:

  • Websites

    Web Portals, Online Shops, Web Apps, Intranet, ...

  • Mobile

    Apps, Tablets, Smartphones, E-Readers, ...

  • Prototypes

    Low-fidelity Prototypes, Scribbles, Mockups....

  • Smart Home Appliances

    Smart Home, Ambient Assisted Living, ...

  • Domestic Appliances

    Washing Machines, Microwaves, ...

  • Home Entertainment

    TVs, SmartTVs, Gaming Consoles, ...

  • Software

    Applications, Games, ...

  • Medical Technology

    Geriatric care, Hospital technology, ...

  • Interactive Kiosks

    Terminals, Vending Machines, POS, ...

  • Voice Interfaces

    Voice Assistants, Voice Control Features, ...

How do we conduct usability tests?

Gemeinsamer Kickoff

Project kickoff

We want to understand exactly which questions you want to answer with the usability test. In the kickoff meeting with you we define the objectives and the appropriate procedure for the testing – either on-site or via remote video conference.

You follow agile frameworks like scrum? We flexibly adapt our approach to your development processes. For the testing of early drafts we are happy to support you by creating clickable prototypes.


The right target group

It is crucial for the success of the usability test to recruit participants that are representative for your target group. In our extensive database, that we have built up over many years, we will find suitable participants – no matter if you need digital natives for a shopping app or employed workers for a tax software. Even special and hard to recruit target groups are no problem for us.


High-quality testing

Let’s start! The usability test can take place at a usability lab, in the context of use of your product or as a remote session. You can observe the tests live and discuss your thoughts with our UX professionals. Depending on your research questions, unmoderated usability tests are possible, too.

To complement the usability test, we can also track the participants' gaze (Eye Tracking) and collect quantitative metrics (e.g. time to task) as UX KPIs.

Ergebnisse und Lösungen

Results and solutions

There are different ways of evaluating the results of the usability test, depending on your needs. From the collaborative evaluation after each test session (on-site or remote), with a photo protocol as documentation that you can take with you on the same day, to an extensive usability report with highlight video – together with you we determine what helps you most.

And we do not leave you alone with the problems! In a joint workshop, we communicate the identified usability issues to all project stakeholders and present concrete recommendations for solving them. In addition, our UX Design team will be happy to support you in developing design solutions.

How and where can we test?

  • Test studio: fully equipped usability lab
  • Context of use: mobile usability lab on the road, at the users’ home or at your site
  • Remote: Directly on the participants’ devices – not matter where they are
  • Follow all sessions live
  • Nationwide or international testing in cooperation with our partners
  • Always tailored to your needs

Test studio


Context of use



Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking



Remote mobile usability test

We can conduct remote usability tests not only on desktop but also on mobile devices, like smartphones, without the participants having to come to our test studio.

  • Experience real mobile interaction

    Participants will use your app or website on their own mobile device or will have access to our devices via screensharing.

  • Moderated or unmoderated usability tests

    We can conduct both moderated and unmoderated usability tests.

  • Highest data protection compliant with GDPR

    GDPR compliant protection of sensitive and personal data.

  • Specific target group

    Recruitment from our panel or from your costumer base.

What can we find out with a usability test?

  • Ease of use

    Are the users able to solve core tasks without experiencing problems?

  • Information architecture

    Can important information be found easily?

  • Content

    Is the content comprehensible and well-structured?

  • Structure

    Does the interface guide the user well through specific processes?

  • Termination points

    Are there any parts in the interface that cause the users to fail?

  • Joy of Use

    Is it fun to use the application/the product?

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What do I get out of usability measures?

  • Satisfied customers and users

    Higher customer loyalty, reduced bounce rates

  • Better product quality

    Easy to use products, reduced errors

  • Increased revenue and profit

    Conversion rate optimization

  • Increased productivity

    Employees, working efficiency, less operation errors

  • Decreased development time and costs

    More agile processes, avoidance of failing products

  • Decreased support & training costs

    Intuitive-to-use products that do not require any training

  • Win new customers by reducing exit rates

    Reduced bounce rate through landing page optimization

  • User Experience as a positive product feature

    Competitive differentiation

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