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In-depth interview

In-depth interviews help you understand you users' personal opinions. In a relaxed environment we uncover the motivations, emotions and needs of your target group.

In-depth Interviews

Our approach to in-depth interviews?

In-depth interviews provide an opportunity to understand the complex experiences of your users, including all their emotions, wishes, and difficulties. The conversation takes place in a friendly and relaxed environment so that the participant feels comfortable and the topics can be discussed in more depth. During one interview (approx. 60-120 min) we can cover the entire customer journey and explore your users’ experiences with your service or product along the way. The interview can be supported by additional resources, such as images, note cards, or other devices.

In a contextual inquiry the in-depth interview is combined with the observation of the user in the real context of use.

An In-depth interview is an open discussion within a defined topic. This enables the interviewer to react to the participants’ statements in a flexible way, in order to learn as much as possible about their experience. While following the participants' thoughts our experts still make sure that the questions that our client has are answered – for example by asking further questions at the right time. In-depth interviews can take place in our usability labs in Hanover, as remote interviews (over the phone), or at the participants’ home. That way in-depth interviews enable us to collect the users’ authentic - and even subconscious - emotions, wishes, and needs, that were not influenced by other people or predefined answer categories.

What can we find out with in-depth interviews?

  • How do users feel about the product? What do they like, what do they not like, what do they miss?
  • Which fears do users have? Are some elements perceived as barriers?
  • Which features do users value? What reasons do they have for using one or the other?
  • What needs do the users have? Do they need more support?
  • How do different elements of the product work together? How does the environment influence the usage of the product?

When do we recommend in-depth interviews?

In-depth interviews are particularly valuable in the early stages of product development when there are no specific designs or prototypes yet and requirements are being explored. The interviews help to collect the users' expectations of the product, when and how they would use it and what they wish for when using it. In contrast to focus groups, in which a discussion among the users is encouraged in order to explore the range of opinions, in-depth interviews aim to collect personal opinions that are not influenced by others. The open discussion without predefined answer categories helps to capture the users’ genuine comments.

In-depth interviews are especially useful for sensitive topics (e.g. healthcare or banking), but are generally suited to collect authentic and genuine opinions on any questions you might have for your users.

  • Flexibility

    The open discussion allows the interviewer to react to the users’ statements spontaneously. Yet using a previously defined session guide ensures that all the questions you have will be answered.

  • Bring subconcious opinions to the light

    During the extensive conversation the users' perceptions can be discussed in great detail. Through specific questions at the right time thoughts and opinions become explicit that are otherwise hard to verbalize.

  • Access to “sensitive” information

    Due to the relaxed atmosphere during the interview the users feel more comfortable to talk about unpleasent or difficult topics.

What are the results?

You will receive the results of the in-depth interviews in a well-structured report that summarizes your target group's requirements and wishes for your product or service. The findings are illustrated with quotes and, if relevant, screenshots. The report will be presented and discussed in a workshop. If you wish, we are happy to transfer the results into User Stories that you can use as the foundation of your design process.

If required, we can also create a customer experience map that visualizes how your target group experiences the use of your product or service across all touchpoints.

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