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User Journey Mapping

User Journey Mapping (also Customer Journey Mapping) is a holistic approach to examining your users’ interactions with your product or service. It creates a consistent understanding of your users’ goals in every step of their journey and helps to define requirements.

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What is a User Journey Map?

What is a User Journey Map?

The User Journey Map (also Customer Journey Map) illustrates the entire journey of the user along all touchpoints with a product or service. All steps and actions of the user are captured, from starting a task to reaching the desired goal – including all relevant difficulties and needs.

The first step in creating a Journey Map is gathering all existing information on the target group and their needs, desires and behaviours. To verify this knowledge and to answer open questions, we conduct user research methods, such as in-depth Interviews. Quantitative methods, like online surveys, can provide helpful data as well.

The insights gathered during user research are the foundation for the individual steps of the Journey Map. All direct and indirect touchpoints with the product are listed as well as the interaction channels (e.g. website, e-mail, offline contact).

Depending on context and business goals, the User Journey Map can include different dimensions. In order to develop empathy for the users we can illustrate their emotional journey, so that it is easier to relate to their needs and pains. Journey maps are often considered to be an important and efficient UX tool to identify where users need more support in reaching their goal.

What can we find out with User Journey Mapping?

  • Which steps are the users going through until they reach their goal?
  • How does the interaction of the user with the product or service currently work, and how should it ideally work?
  • Which factors influence the users during their interaction with the product?
  • Which difficulties (pain points) does the user face along the user journey?
  • How can the product support the users better in reaching their goals?
  • Where can the user experience be optimized to strengthen the customer relationship in the long run?
  • How is using the product or service different for different target groups?

When do we recommend User Journey Mapping?

User Journey Mapping (also Customer Journey Mapping) is especially useful when developing new products or services as it helps understand the users’ approach and define requirements. This method is also suitable for optimizing the user’s interactions with the product and for strengthening the relationship with your customers.

A User Journey Map creates empathy for the users and their goals while also revealing potential for improvement in the user experience. The users’ actions and needs can be accounted for in design decisions alongside business goals. This results in user-friendly products.

  • Understanding the entire user experience

    Every interaction with the product is examined from the users’ point of view.

  • Uncovering potential

    Pain points in user interaction are uncovered and can be addressed.

  • Decision support for design questions

    The knowledge of user needs and pain points helps setting the focus for design tasks.

What do you get as a result?

User Journey Maps

You get a graphically illustrated User Journey Map (or Customer Journey Map) that is tailored to your research questions. The User Journey Map contains the journey of the user in clear and comprehensible steps (touch points).

Every step contains the users’ respective actions and further information depending on the defined project goals, e.g. channels, devices or emotions. For existing products and processes we uncover pain points and opportunities. For new products expected benefits for the user and the provider are identified.

The User Journey Map is complemented by further valuable information, e.g. quotes from users, and illustrated in a structured graphic (map).

Interactive User Journey Maps

The User Journey’s format can vary. We are mindful of keeping the focus on the practical work with the results and ensure that the User Journey Map is designed appropriately.

The User Journey Map can turn into an extensive document depending on whether it is supposed to shed light on a specific section of the journey or the entire process with all its details. In the latter case, an interactive Journey Map can be useful to ensure the clarity and readability of the results. An interactive map is not a static document, but it rather lives on being interacted with. The content can be shown or hidden if needed, so that you as the user of the map can decide which parts of the content you want to see at which point.

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