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It is the user who decides on the success of your products.

UX Design (User-Centered Design)

User experience design or user-centered design is a holistic approach to designing interactive systems. In order to successfully design interaction for an intuitive use, the requirements of the user and the context of use have to be known and included in the development. All our methods are geared to this process model.

Target Group & Context of Use

We uncover, how and in which context your users use your product or application.

Case Study Siemens Healthineers

User Feedback

We ensure that your product really meets the requirements of your users by evaluating it with real users in a usability-test (with eye tracking).

Case Study Welthungerhilfe

Requirements Engineering

We fathom what your users really want while not loosing track of the company’s requirements.


Interaction Design & Prototyping

The agile and repetitive development of visual prototypes establishes a shared basis for discussion for all project participants as well as a basis for the early involvement of users.

Case Study TUI Germany

Do you plan on optimizing or developing an interactive product?

We will be happy to support you in the user-centered development of a user interface, thus designing it to be user-friendly and intuitively usable. We will advise you free of charge and at no obligation on how to involve us in your project.

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Our approach to User-Centered Design

User Research

During the phase of planning and analysis we identify the target groups and vital use cases and sort existing information. Depending on this we define further user research measures. The aim is to know and understand the real users, their requirements and the context of use as well as possible. The findings from the research phase – alongside all other requirements to the new application or product – are included in the rough concept and first prototypes.

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User Research

First Concept & Prototyping

Based on the requirements engineering and user research (or even simultaneously) we create a rough concept and basic wireframes. First of all the aim is to develop a user-friendly information architecture. Furthermore we want to ensure that the concept complies with the users’ mental model and not only reflects the company’s internal way of thinking. User-centered methods, such as Tree Testing or Card Sorting, can be used purposefully to develop or evaluate a navigation structure from the users’ point of view.

First Draft

By prototyping we mean the early visualization and iterative optimization of a user interface (rapid prototyping). The benefit of this agile approach: We can obtain early feedback from all project participants and especially from users (e.g. on different alternatives) and easily correct designs. Furthermore we thereby establish a consistent basis for discussion and prevent misunderstandings. According to the project demands, the prototypes can come with interaction and different levels of detail.

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UX Testing / Usability Evaluation

Simultaneously to the interaction design intermediate concepts are tested with real users. Generally, we discuss the user feedback in a workshop and include it in the concept directly. We usually recommend testing the structure and processes early on during the interaction design phase. The following testing should be based on a more visualized and interactive prototype. The additional use of eye tracking ensures valuable findings and can provide specific answers on questions concerning the interaction design (e.g., if an important element is noticed at all).

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UX Testing

Detailed Concept & Visual Design

Documented wireframes or a completely developed interactive prototype can be the results of a final concept. You can of course define the level of detail and formality for the documentation.

By systematically involving the users in the design process from the start we can spare you expensive design flaws and unpleasant surprises.

The result: A great User Experience


Usability in Medical Engineering

You are currently developing a new medical device or revising an existing one? You want a user-friendly product that inspires users and will be licensed without problems thanks to documentation that complies to standards?

Due to our many years of experience in designing user-friendly interaction concepts we are the right partner for you. With the help of prototypes, we collect user feedback from the start and incorporate it into the development process. Repeatedly revising and optimizing our concepts results in products that are clear and easy to use, even if they are rather complex.

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Usability in Medical Engineering

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