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It is the user who decides on the success of your products.

About us

New products and technologies should simplify and enrich people's lives. Our goal is to design interactions that are easier, more intuitive, and more efficient for everyone.

We find simple solutions for complex questions.

Nowadays, interaction with machines, technical devices, and computers plays a significant role in daily life. We are convinced that human-centered development holds enormous potential for making life easier and more enjoyable. Win-win solutions instead of frustrated users. Only companies that know the needs of their users and customers and take these into account in the design of their products will be successful in the long run.

What can we do for you? We will be happy to advise you free of charge at no obligation on how you can integrate meaningful usability measures in your project.

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Usability is more than just our name.

Our user-centered approach carried out by interdisciplinary teams leads to innovative and user-friendly solutions. We don't give up until we have found the best solution for our clients and their customers. Through the use of proven, scientifically-based methods combined with the technical knowledge of our experienced UX experts, it is possible to systematically implement the user experience. With passion and conviction.

We listen. We understand. We optimize and design.

We listen to you and understand your requirements and objectives. We learn about the needs and requirements of your users and customers. We develop an approach that is tailored to your individual project. We not only identify problems and weak points but can also convert our findings into specific recommendations for solutions and designs. In so doing, our high standards of quality guarantee optimal solutions. Satisfied customers speak for themselves.

What our customers appreciate about us

  • We listen.

    Before we get started we take the time to fully understand your questions and objectives.

  • We don't stop at the problem.

    We not only identify usability weaknesses. We also support you with specific solutions.

  • We see complexity as a challenge.

    No matter how complex and extensive an application is: we find ways to simplify it for users.

  • We don't limit ourselves to the user interface.

    We also take into consideration the company structure, internal processes, emotions, and other influencing factors that go a long way in determining the success of a usability project.

  • We bring structure into projects.

    Internal discussions often end in a blind alley. With the user's perspectives, we bring stalled projects back on track.

  • We like good workshops.

    Instead of relying solely on PowerPoint presentations and time-consuming meetings, we hold constructive, well-moderated workshops. Using the right methodology, we design interactive workshops that provide answers to specific questions.

  • We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

    We are continuously broadening our knowledge. Upon request we will be happy to share our knowledge about usability and user experience with you - tailored to your specific project or company, of course.

Our clients about us

  • “usability.de impressed us with high-quality results and a flexible working manner. Thanks to the professional support we were able to seriously improve the usability of our web portal. With this kind of project we would always get back to usability.de again.”

    • Thomas Wiesel, Senior Business Solution Manager, adidas group
    • Adidas
  • “usability.de was asked to kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand we wanted to build up our own UX expertise. On the other hand we needed support during our first usability project. usability.de solved this task by conducting efficient in-house workshops. In this context we performed an expert review of a transnational Airbus tool together and thereby got to know different usability methods. usability.de excellently finalized the written report, which was later presented to Airbus’ CIO in a workshop. Now we feel prepared to start our own reviews in bottom up initiatives. It’s good to know, that with usability.de we have a professional partner at hand. Thanks a lot!”

    • Matthias Wurch, Usability@Airbus
    • Airbus
  • “Working with usability.de proved to be very helpful during our development process. The tests were carried out exemplarily well, and the final report has shown us specific problems along with suggestions for solutions. During the tests we used the services of an interpreter, who removed the language barrier altogether. We can definitely recommend usability.de and are looking forward to our future cooperation.”

    • Michał Olszewski, Senior UX Designer
      Szymon Biliński, Product Manager
    • Allegro
  • “usability.de successfully identified weaknesses in the navigation of our user interface and offered valuable suggestions and constructive recommendations for optimization. Thanks a lot!”

    AO Foundation
    • Dr. Tobias Hövekamp, Manager Surgery Reference, AO Foundation / AO Education
    • AO Foundation
  • “Thank you very much for conducting the usability tests in an expert manner and the structured preparation of the results and recommendations.”

    • Andrea Winter, Administration Online Sites, Gruner+Jahr Women New Media GmbH, Brigitte.de
    • brigitte.de
  • “With the professional support provided by usability.de we were able to improve the order process and our conversion rate substantially. Especially the goal-oriented workshops and the consistent implementation of the suggestions for optimization, derived from the usability tests with eye tracking, moved us a great step ahead.”

    • Nele Henning Business Unit Manager New Customer Marketing
    • buch.de
  • “The expert reviews and reports are concise, easy to understand and well-structured. The results and recommendations are logical and easy to implement. We always feel well and comprehensively advised by usability.de.”

    • Heike Altmeier, Chief Marketing Officer, www.clickworker.com
    • clickworker.com
  • “In a user-centered design process usability.de developed a prototype of a sales application. The prototype helped us in many ways– inter alia by collecting specific target group feedback in contextual interviews, as a basis for internal technical decisions as well as for strategic decisions. In addition to the visible project results – e.g. the navigation and interaction concept – changing our working manner by implementing a user-centered approach was an additional benefit. We thank usability.de for the results.”

    • Ulf Schmidt, Sales Coordination
    • Concordia
  • “The preparation and conduction of the usability test were highly professional. Watching our end customers use our website clearly showed us which adjustments we absolutely have to tackle. On top of problems we already expected to find, usability.de excellently carved out the main issues of our website. The explicit recommendations will be a great help in our further optimization.”

    • Marisa Menzel, Online Marketing Manager, Team Uniroyal
    • Continental
  • “usability.de supported us professionally in developing a mobile concept for our globally employed warehouse management product. [...] The customer feedback was positive in every way: An appealing, modern user interface and a significant improvement compared to the old GUI. The same applies to the smartphone and tablet interface designed by usability.de [...].”

    • Peter Golz, Head of Software Product Development
    • Dematic
  • “The results of the usability tests helped us enormously on the race to the site relaunch. Especially the well-structured report and the workshop with our project team and usability.de helped us to classify the test results correctly and to implement them easily. We are very pleased with the good cooperation with usability.de… and with the positive user feedback.”

    Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
    • Dirk Hetzel, Adviser for Internet-supported prevention, German AIDS assistance organization
    • Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
  • “[...] The international usability test of our website and mobile app coordinated by usability.de helped us to better understand the needs and requirements of our target groups in the different countries. [...] The comprehensive solutions and recommendations helped us significantly in further optimizing our international platforms.”

    • Anika Rettinger, Marketing Manager, DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KG
    • DPD
  • “usability.de offered a good, profound training, introducing new perspectives and identifying room for improvement. The developed suggestions will definitely find their way into the further development of our products.”

    • Dimitri Kutsenko, Sales Manager, entimo AG Berlin, Deutschland
    • Entimo
  • “usability.de taught us to look at our site from a user's perspective and to tackle problems accordingly.”

    Frankfurter Allgemeine
    • Juliane Anger, Reader Market, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH
    • Frankfurter Allgemeine
  • “[...] usability.de aided us with partial concepts, usability reviews and tests. This helped us maintain usability in the course of innovation. [...] This usability goal is visible everywhere on the site, from the navigation and landing page, to the product configurators and wording. The result: a modern, innovative website and happy users.”

    Host Europe
    • Katrin Rostock, Senior Head of Marketing Services, Host Europe GmbH
    • Host Europe
  • “The in-house seminar, ‘Usability as a success factor’ conducted by usability.de helped us to practically examine the topic usability and helped us define tools and methods for our projects. Everybody, from the developer to the designer, was delighted by the convincing, descriptive and entertaining workshop. After the seminar, we actively integrated usability into our work flow. We are looking forward to further successful cooperation with usability.de.”

    Host Europe
    • Christoph Selbach, Advertisement & PR, Host Europe GmbH
    • Host Europe
  • “Hurtigruten were seeing some usability issues with our new website, and we wanted to dig into what were the pain points. usability.de helped us with lab-testing using simultaneous language interpretation which were very impressive. We got tons of insights, both in the sessions but also from the follow up with recommendations from usability.de. We are very pleased with the way usability.de both arranged and worked through the whole sessions. We also appreciated their hospitality and can highly recommend them.”

    • Atle Egenes, Global Ecommerce Manager, Hurtigruten AS
    • Hurtigruten
  • “The cooperation with usability.de was very pleasant, professional and – above all – very helpful. The analysis and final report pointed out specific problems and realizable proposals for solutions. The implementation of the recommendations now rests with us. We can highly recommend usability.de, it was a pleasure working with them.”

    • Sabine Hering, Public Relations
    • IHK Chemnitz
  • “We have worked with the usability.de team to evaluate the design revamp of the imd.org website. The team is highly skilled, 100% dedicated and enthusiastic. The feedback generated through the expert analysis and the two uselabs with customers have dramatically improved the design, navigation and ultimately the online customer experience. I warmly recommend usability.de”

    • Claudio Crivelli, Web Marketing Manager, IMD
    • IMD
  • “Due to the brilliantly prepared recommendations and design templates from usability.de we were able to implement improvements quickly, avoiding high communication efforts. Thereby, we considerably enhanced the usability of our real estate portal. This improvement is also underlined by the positive user feedback we receive. We are looking forward to continuing a great cooperation.”

    • Jürgen Roth, CTO, Immowelt AG
    • immowelt.de
  • “We had the pleasure of working with usability.de on a usability benchmark for our smart TV products. They listened carefully to our needs, provided a detailed analysis of appropriate study methodologies and delivered an excellent written report of the study results. The professional attitude of the usability.de team members is impressive. We would be glad to work with them again.”

    LG Electronics
    • Arami JUNG - Smart Business Center, LG Electronics Inc.
    • LG Electronics
  • “usability.de supported us a great deal in uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of our concept already during the conception. The combination of expert feedback and usability testing helped us enormously. We enjoyed the professional and smooth realization of several tests as well as the feedback beyond the project!”

    Messe Frankfurt
    • Henric Uherek, Product Manager, Messe Frankfurt GmbH
    • Messe Frankfurt
  • “We felt we were in good hands right from the start. The seminar was completely cut to our needs and the topics 'usability and user experience' were illustrated on the basis of countless examples from our own website and digital products. You couldn’t ask for more practical relevance. We learned a lot!”

    NWB Verlag
    • Monika Simon-Paßlack, Head of Creation, NWB Verlag
    • NWB Verlag
  • “With their expert review, usability.de offered valuable suggestions for the optimization of our online presence. The detailed recommendations for fixing identified usability problems were to a certain extend supported by graphical design suggestions. We implemented some of the recommendations right away whereas others will serve as input for the next relaunch.”

    Oldenburgische Landesbank AG
    • Wilhelm Tanke, Head of Communications/Advertising, Oldenburgische Landesbank AG
    • Oldenburgische Landesbank AG
  • “usability.de obtained valuable target group feedback for RWE SmartHome. Especially the observation of our users unpacking, setting up and using the system in their domestic environment was a great help. We thank the usability.de team for the excellent and flexible cooperation.”

    • Thomas Prokopp, Head of Planning and Management, RWE Effizienz GmbH
    • RWE
  • “The well prepared results of the professionally conducted user experience tests and the utility analysis helped a lot, thank you very much!”

    • Elmar Spreitzer, Siemens Corporate IT (CIT)
    • Siemens
  • “Eye tracking has brought us forward a great deal. The visualized concepts in the report substantially simplified the implementation and saved us a lot of time.”

    Stena Line
    • Erik E. Schürmann, New Media & Directmarketing Manager, Stena Line Scandinavia AB
    • Stena Line
  • “Usability.de delivered an excellent, in-depth, usability report that was well received within Telenav. Thanks to the comprehensive reporting we were able to clearly isolate and resolve issues expediently. We applaud usability.de for handling the logistics of a very complex test efficiently and creatively. With this work quality we have no reservations recommending usability.de.”

    • Cindy Cheng, User Experience Researcher
    • Telenav
  • “The cooperation with usability.de was goal-oriented and professional from the beginning on. By implementing the activity-oriented recommendations we were able to create a very intuitional handling of our eBook-Reader OYO. We are looking forward to the next project with usability.de.”

    • Tristan Melcher, Research Manager Marketing, Thalia Holding GmbH
    • thalia.de
  • “Usability and web development from a single source: usability.de’s user-centered design strategy was the very thing for us. We were especially pleased by the flexible and professional requirement analysis of our target groups in group discussions, card sortings, and interviews. [...] The result: a website, completely meeting the demands of our target groups.”

    TIB/UB Hannover
    • Margret Plank, Consultant Information Literacy, TIB/UB Hannover
    • TIB/UB Hannover
  • “In usability.de we found the ideal partner to make our website user-friendly. In about 1.5 years our website and extranet were redesigned from scratch and with a special emphasis on user-centered design. Among other methods, card sortings and interviews ensured that from the first wireframe to the final website the user's perspective was optimally taken into account. [...]”

    • Klaus Rother, Department of Communication, Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.
    • VCI
  • “[...] With both well-established topics and our first tentative steps in new methods we felt well supported by usability.de. Especially the coaching for the planning/moderation of usability tests, the work with personas and prototyping moved us forward substantially and was a lot of fun – just as defined by the term user experience.”

    Verlag Österreich
    • Margit Vetter, MSc, Head of IT and Electronic Publishing
    • Verlag Österreich
  • “The results and presentation of usability.de exceeded our expectations and we are very happy that we chose to work with such a professional partner. The organization, communication and handling of our inquiry was flawless and worked fast. With numerous tips and great help from usability.de we were able to make important changes on our website, step by step. We will definitely use the service of usability.de regularly in the future to guarantee the usability of our website. ”

    WENNA GmbH
    • Julia Fodor, PR & Communications
    • WENNA GmbH
  • “We would like to thank usability.de for the very pleasant and professional cooperation throughout the whole project. We felt proficiently attended and well advised from the preparation of the tests to the workshop. Thanks to the results we are now one step further. We can only recommend usability.de and are looking forward to continuing a great cooperation.”

    • Vera Thies, Project Manager
    • Westermann

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