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Agile UX-Testing

Agile UX Testing is ideal for projects that require quick user feedback on the latest product iteration. Your team is directly involved in the testing and analysis, and the results can immediately be used for further development.

Agile UX Testing

What is agile UX Testing?

Agile software development is the new standard in many companies nowadays. The project schedule does not allow for a two-week break in development to conduct a regular usability test including building a prototype, test preparation, testing, and written documentation. True to the principle fail fast – learn fast user feedback on the current product iteration should ideally be collected within one to two days so that improvements can directly be implemented.

At usability.de, we have developed an agile testing method that addresses those needs. The process is based on close collaboration with the stakeholders on the client’s side. Instead of delivering results in an extensive report and highlight video, we actively and intensively involve you in the preparation, observation and analysis of the testing. Together we collect the findings from the testing and develop solutions that can immediately flow back into development.

How do we proceed during agile UX testing?

We believe that profound preparation is essential to make sure that no important research question is overlooked. This means that preparation is almost identical compared to a standard usability test. However, to ensure the testing fits seamlessly into your agile process, we schedule the content briefing on the last 1-2 days before the User Feedback Day. That way, your team can work on the test object until shortly before the testing.

We recommend iterative and frequent testing. Therefore, we test with fewer participants but more often. This allows us to limit the testing to one or a maximum of two days.

One of our experienced user researchers ensures that the agile UX tests are moderated in usual quality. A second expert from usability.de as well as all members of your agile team observe the test sessions live and note down the identified usability issues. Between sessions the results are analysed in a joint discussion that is moderated by our trained usability experts. We make sure no major issues are overlooked. This collaborative approach generates a profound understanding of the uncovered issues in the entire team and allows you to start solving the problems right on the next day.

Remote Agile UX Testing

In Agile UX Testing we include you in every step – from observing the usability tests live to the collaborative analysis and development of solutions. All that is possible in an online setting!

  • Remote Usability Test

    Your target group is hard to reach or cannot come to our studio? We will do the testing remotely!

  • Live Stream

    You cannot come to our studio to observe the testing? We will provide a live stream for you.

  • Online collaboration

    We want to analyze the testing together with you. Online collaboration tools allow us to do so remotely.

Remote Agile UX-Testing

Which questions can be answered?

  • Are the users able to solve core tasks without experiencing problems?
  • Can important information be found easily?
  • Is the content comprehensible and well-structured?
  • Does the interface guide the user well through specific processes?
  • Are there any parts in the interface that cause the users to fail (possible termination point)?
  • Is it fun to use the application/the product (joy of use)?

When do we recommend agile UX testing?

Agile UX tests are specifically designed for agile teams that regularly need user feedback but do not want to wait long for the results. This method can be used in every stage of the development process to uncover usability problems early on or to review product ideas with users. Depending on the research question, we can also conduct Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews or other agile UX research methods.

Even in early stages of development we can collect valuable feedback, for example on the information architecture. By testing well before implementation, you are making sure that usability issues can still be solved easily and that you are creating a product that is usable and loved by users. Frequent testing also allows you to continuously verify the changes you have made.

The strong involvement in agile user feedback allows your team to experience usability issues first-hand and fundamentally improves your team’s understanding of the user. This wealth of experience is important when managing product development processes that are user-centered from end to end.

  • Quick results

    At the end of the testing day you will receive a photo protocol of the results.

  • Everything can be tested

    Almost any technical product can be tested, even at early stages of development. If required, we are happy to assist you with creating prototypes and click dummies.

  • Involved team

    Your team is involved in the testing and analysis of the results, experiences usability issues first-hand and develops a better understanding of the user.

  • Real users

    You will gain insight into how your product is actually used by members of your target group.

  • Holistic view

    As a neutral authority, we review your product extensively and without bias. We uncover problems that those deeply involved with the product are blind for.

What results do you receive?

Directly after the tests we provide you with a photo protocol listing all usability issues and findings. The following day you will receive a short report summarizing all observed issues including a severity rating from the users’ point of view.

Since your entire team is involved in the process, there is no need for detailed documentation. Instead you can start making improvements the next day.

We are happy to provide a detailed report and highlight video to illustrate the results for colleagues who could not be part of the usability testing.

Do you have specific questions concerning your project? We are happy to advise you. Free of charge and without obligation.

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