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Mobile Usability

Optimizing a website for smartphone or tablet usage is a mandatory task by today. Small displays and touchscreen interaction lead to completely new interface requirements. We conduct usability tests with mobile websites and apps, on smartphones or tablets to guarantee an optimal user experience.

Mobile Testing

Our approach to mobile Usability Testing

Today more than 70% of all internet users surf the web with a mobile device. People use their smartphones to browse social networks or to shop online from the comfort of their couches. Even though resolutions are rising rapidly, the small displays of mobile devices and tablets still restrict the amount of information that can be visually displayed at once. Hence, contents have to be prioritized carefully. Furthermore, interaction via a touchscreen display only works if the layout of the mobile application has been optimized.

By carrying out a usability test of your mobile website or app we evaluate, whether the application does offer an optimal user experience on a smartphone (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone) or a tablet. Our experts observe users from the actual target group while those are working on typical tasks. With the help of special software we are able to retrace how the users proceed and to identify usability problems. The tests can be conducted in our usability labs or in the field (e.g. in a shopping mall, coffee shop).

What can be tested?

In principle, all technical products, systems and machinery that are equipped with a user interface and that are supposed to offer an easy and intuitive user experience.

  • Smartphones

    Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, ...

  • Apple iOS, Android, Windows

    Apps, mobile Websites, Games, Responsive, ...

  • Tablets

    Apple iOS, Android, Windows, ...

  • Other types of mobile devices

    E-Book Reader, mobile data capture devices, ...

What can we find out with mobile User Testing?

  • Are the users able to solve core tasks while being on the move?
  • Do users understand the app’s gesture-based interaction features?
  • Do different mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone), cause usability problems?
  • Is the mobile website’s /app’s navigation concept comprehensible?
  • When carrying out field studies: In which situations and where do usability problems occur?
  • Responsive web design: Does the responsive concept work on all targeted devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet)?

When do we recommend tablet and smartphone Usability Testing?

Mobile user tests can be employed at any point in time during the development process, to uncover usability problems in your mobile website or app and to collect user feedback.

We conduct usability tests with first design drafts or interactive prototypes. That way we are able to identify potential usability weaknesses prior to the technical implementation stage of a project and hence, avoid additional development expenses.

Responsive web design projects also call for an early-on usability evaluation. The test shows whether the responsive layout structures the contents in a way that they are easy to understand and access. Furthermore, it enables us to assess if the responsive concept does offer an optimal user experience on different mobile devices.

  • Considering the real context of use

    By carrying out tests in the field, we are able to evaluate whether the app/website also works in the real context of use (movement, interruptions, light reflections, location based services).

  • Tests with different mobile devices possible

    Our large test device pool enables us to carry out user testing with different types of mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) and operating systems (e.g. Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

  • Video evidence: Our highlight video

    You are going to receive a highlight video that contains the most meaningful test moments.

  • Live observation possible

    You are welcome to observe the test sessions live in one of our observation rooms or via web streaming.

What results do you receive?

You will receive a comprehensive report with a description of the usability problems and specific recommendations for improvement. A highlight video and a workshop are also part of the results.

Usability Report


You will receive a well-structured report with all test results. The report contains: The identified usability problems, screenshots that visualize the problem, best practice examples and specific recommendations for improvement. All results are prioritized according to their severity and illustrated with user quotes. If required, we also develop graphical solutions for more complex usability problems.
Enlarge report example

Highlight Video


The highlight video shows your users in action: Key scenes from the test sessions illustrate critical usability problems. From our experience we can tell that this look over the users’ shoulder is very convincing and helps to push through change requests internally.



We present the results and the highlight video in front of all project stakeholders and discuss possible solutions. If technical or internal restrictions prevent a 1:1 implementation of our recommendations, we will find a compromise during the workshop that makes everyone happy: project managers, marketers, developers and most important – your users.

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