Online user research is done fast and independent from location

Remote User Research

You would like to understand how users use your product in their everyday environment? Or your users are difficult to reach? Fortunately, we don't have to be in the same place with people from your target group to learn more about them thanks to a variety of virtual solutions.

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What does remote mean?

User research is remote whenever UX researchers and participants do not meet in person. This applies to all phases of the user-centered design cycle: from requirements engineering to usability testing of a live application.

For example, during a usability test, every device can become a virtual test lab by using screensharing software: no matter if we use smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. UX researchers can decide to look at the participants' screens, or the participants can access the researchers' devices (e.g. for confidential projects where no data should remain with the participants).

The test object can be a low-fidelity prototype as well as a live website - so everything is just like in the lab.

Remote also means that you do not have be on site: you can watch the live conduction of the method via a specially set up and password-protected stream from any location.

We are also experienced in performing virtual workshops, finding mutual agreements and presentations - not only in research, but also in UX design projects.

What can we do remotely?

  • Benchmarking Test

    We evaluate how your product compares to the competition.

  • Card Sorting

    Adapt the navigation structure to the language and mental model of users.

  • Focus Group

    Requirements are collected in a group discussion.

  • Online Survey

    Generate statistically reliable, representative results through online questionnaires.

  • On-site Survey

    Get fast and easy feedback from actual visitors of your website.

  • Personas

    Archetypal user profiles illustrating user requirements.

What are the results?

The results from remote user research are just as high-quality and structured as those you receive when you opt for on-site research. Depending on your needs, we can offer you different formats ranging from a brief report supporting you to remember insights quickly (e.g. for an agile usability test) to a detailed report plus highlight video which can also be shared with colleagues who could not attend the research.

Do you have specific questions about your project? We will be happy to advise you. Free of charge and without obligation.

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Result Remote User Research

Perfectly prepared for working remotely: User-Centered Design

User-centered design or UX design is the design of digital systems focussing on the user: your target group's requirements and needs are placed in the center of the design process.

By using a combination of scientifically based research methodology and a bunch of creative methods (such as design thinking and ideation), we develop concepts for your digital product, from low-fidelity wireframes to clickable prototypes and visual design.

More about UX Design

  • Virtual but yet close

    Let's be honest: obviously it's always nicer to sit together in the same room. Nevertheless, we are just as creative remotely, and by using webcams and screen sharing we create a pleasant and productive atmosphere.

  • Smooth digital handover

    We offer our own client portal where we can securely provide you with all resources (prototype, style guide, research results...) for you to download.

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