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Case Study d&b audiotechnik

Expert Review d&b audiotechnik

Evaluation of the website dbaudio.com
  • Expert Review
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Cognitive Walkthrough
Screen d&b Audiotechnik

d&b audiotechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of sound reinforcement systems. Their products are used in concert halls, opera houses and stadiums around the world. d&b audiotechnik offers system solutions including hardware and software for precise sound in a wide range of applications. Some of their most well-known clients include the Sydney Opera House, the Akademietheater Vienna and the football club SC Freiburg.

The website dbaudio.com provides information about the different sound systems and products together with examples of d&b systems in use from all over the world. On their website d&b audiotechnik also offers workshops and seminars for their systems.

The Mission

d&b audiotechnik’s website should not only make it easy to find relevant information but also convey their passion for high-quality sound systems. Prior to the planned relaunch d&b audiotechnik wanted to identify aspects of the website that are already well-implemented as well as opportunities for improvement. They were especially interested in uncovering any issues related to the navigation, findability of information and emotional perception.

Information zu verschiedenen Produktkategorien
Information on various product categories

The Approach

Two user experience experts from usability.de reviewed the website independently based on realistic use cases for three different target groups. They not only checked for potential usability issues for the different target groups but also assessed whether d&b audiotechnik’s passion for their products is evident on the website.

Die Website bietet u. a. Beispiele für Anwendungen der Produkte
The website offers examples for d&b systems in use

The Solution

The report of the review summarizes the specific usability issues for the three target groups. The usability experts gave practical recommendations for all the identified issues. The report also pointed out strengths and positive aspects of the website that should not be changed during the relaunch. The usability and user experience findings from the review are an important contribution to the relaunch and will help d&b audiotechnik to develop a user-friendly website.

The product finder should be kept in the relaunch.
The product finder should be kept in the relaunch.

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