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Case Study Swisscom

Usability optimization Swisscom

Usability improvement of the support software
  • Field observations
  • Contextual Inquiries
  • Personas
  • Workshops
Screen Swisscom

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland. The company offers all the benefits of a modern communications service provider like Internet, TV, landline and mobile phone services. Swisscom's target group are private and business customers. As one of the largest companies in Switzerland, Swisscom employs almost 20.000 people.

Support is a key topic for Swisscom because obviously it is very important that everything works and the customers are satisfied. All of the support calls are recorded and handled by the support center staff with the help of a special software.

The Mission

Before reprogramming their support software from scratch, Swisscom wanted to find out more about the work processes of their support staff and identify possible usability problems occurring during the usage of their software. The software manufacturer contacted usability.de to find answers to these questions. The main goal was to find out how the staff exactly operates the software and what their working environment looks like, with the intention of using these insights during the development of their next generation support software.

Reference to the support section on the Swisscom website.
Reference to the support section on the Swisscom website

The Approach

To gain insights into the daily working routine of the Swisscom support staff, usability.de conducted several contextual inquiries in Swisscom's support center in Zurich. The collected and ranked results were visualized in five representative personas that show how these fictional characters would use the support system and what mindset they are in.

Persona development process
Persona development process

The Solution

The developed personas were handed over to the software company on big posters. That was a good approach to visualize the work processes of the actual users and to communicate new and exciting insights into their daily working routine. The personas were "present" during every step of the development process and ensured that the real users and their needs were not forgotten.

Poster of one of the personas representing the Swisscom support employees
Poster of one of the personas representing the Swisscom support employees

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