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Host Europe is Europe’s largest privately-owned web hosting provider. Founded in 1997, the company prides itself on making quality and security top priorities. Host Europe’s product portfolio contains both pre-configured web hosting packages and individual solutions for managed hosting and cloud storage. The company's two data centers have multiple redundant connections to important European hubs.

Furthermore, each of Host Europe's 200,000 private and business clients have access to their highly skilled telephone support, no matter how large or small their portfolio is. The Host Europe website is the most important portal for all product-related questions. Clients can read up on new products, order hosting directly, and get technical support, all through their website.

The Mission

While planning their corporate website relaunch, Host Europe wanted to improve and tailor their support for their diverse range of clients. Businesses and consumers differ greatly in their product requirements, as well as previous technical knowledge. Host Europe wanted to eliminate potential usability problems and ensure an optimal user experience for all of their clients. Specifically, Host Europe wished to improve their website's navigation prior to launch.

Previous webseite www.hosteurope.de
Previous webseite www.hosteurope.de

The Approach

usability.de supported Host Europe during the user-centered relaunch of their website. As a start in-depth interviews were carried out to gather the existing knowledge about the target groups in the company. This knowledge was used to create personas and set specific requirements. usability.de experts then worked closely with the Host Europe team to create graphic concepts of the website and continuosly integrated their expert feedback. Early on during the interaction design phase the first usability tests were carried out using semi-functional prototypes. That way the developers were able to fix identified usability problems with little effort.

New website www.hosteurope.de
New website www.hosteurope.de

The Solution

By integrating usability into the concept and design of their new website, Host Europe was able to develop a modern and innovative site that meets the differing demands of their diverse clients. Inexperienced users receive additional explanations and advice for product choices, while more advanced business clients can access all technical details of their Host Europe products and learn about possible solutions for their company.

Feedback from actual Host Europe users was extremely positive. Numerous new features and innovative techniques were added without interfering with the clear arrangement of the new website.

Clearly structured product comparison with context-sensitive help
Clearly structured product comparison with context-sensitive help

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