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Case Study German AIDS Service Organization

Usability test of the website

Usability test and on-site survey
  • Usability test
  • Prototype test
  • On-site survey
  • Workshops
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The German AIDS Service Organization e.V. (Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe) is an independent and non-profit association of autonomous member organizations. For more than 30 years the organization has been promoting disease prevention and lobbying for victims of AIDS and drug addicts.

The website of the German AIDS Service Organization serves as the main point of contact for employees of aid organizations, addicts, drug users, homosexuals, and all people who want to educate themselves on sexually transmitted diseases and prevention.

The Mission

Prior to their website relaunch, the German AIDS Service Organization wanted to confirm whether or not members of their target groups could find all of their desired information, and whether the website was generally easy and quick to use. Additionally, they also requested feedback on the content of the various articles on the site. Special attention was paid to evaluating the concept of the navigation which used custom entry points for each of the different target groups.

Website prior to the relaunch
Website prior to the relaunch

The Approach

In the context of a usability test, users were observed while interacting with a prototype of the website. They were asked to work on typical tasks such as ordering information material for employees, reading up on labor laws for HIV-infected persons, or the process of an HIV test. usability.de also reviewed the subjective user satisfaction in a survey, asking about the frequency of use, visited range of topics, and rating of design and content.

Draft of the on-site survey
Draft of the on-site survey

The Solution

The usability test revealed positive target group user feedback on the new design, structure and content of the website. Furthermore, areas of improvement were also identified. Specifically, users did not recognize the main navigation was an interactive element. The German AIDS Service Organization implemented all of usability.de’s specific recommendations. This enhanced the usability of the new website prior to the launch. A following on-site survey confirmed that the individual target groups were very satisfied with the new website.

Sub page of the new website with opened menu
Sub page of the new website with opened menu

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