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UX Research in Times of The Corona Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presents our society with major challenges. Home office and virtual meetings are an important solution to remain capable of acting during the crisis. As UX specialists, we are able to use proven remote solutions for various UX methods. This is how we ensure UX research and UX design at highest possible quality for your project.

Remote UX

„Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.“ Following this quote attributed to Arthur Schopenhauer, we want to help slow down the further spread of the novel corona virus COVID-19, while continuing to support companies in their efforts to achieve user-centric digitalization.

It certainly is an advantage that we have already integrated remote solutions into our everyday work. Especially since – in the current situation – the question arises how to conduct user research and UX design without personal interaction between people.

In the past, we mainly used remote methods when the target group was difficult to reach, such as particular occupational groups, people with tight schedules or spatially distributed target groups. In the current situation, these characteristics also apply to regular end-users and are therefore essential for any user-centred project.

Remote Testing

Moderated Remote Usability Tests

As a good alternative to our lab tests, we can offer you the professional conduction of moderated remote usability tests. In practical terms, this means:

  • We connect with the participants via screen sharing software. This way, the participants can participate in the test without having to come to our offices.
  • We can conduct remote usability tests with a desktop setting as well as with smartphones and tablets.
  • Our clients can observe the tests from any place they like with an individual and secure live stream.
  • We also have a lot of experience in doing highly collaborative methods online, like our Agile UX testing, in which we actively include the client in the analysis of the findings.
  • Naturally, we also offer to conduct the results workshop as a video conference.

Unmoderated Remote Usability Tests

For other research questions, unmoderated remote usability tests are suitable. While lab tests usually take place with 5 to 10 participants, unmoderated remote usability tests can easily be conducted with 30 or more participants. This enables us to answer questions like:

  • How many percent of users reach the goal?
  • Which amount of users has problems?
  • Which design’s usability is better – version A or B?

Moderated or not: Which option is more suitable depends on the research question.

Further Possibilities of User Research

Almost all UX methods have a remote alternative. They can be used for

Aside from these remote options, our UX methods toolkit offers a variety of procedures that are virtual in any case:

In accordance with the UX philosophy we use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to iteratively optimize our remote abilities. We see the crisis as a chance to optimize and extend our choice of products, so that we can continue to work with you on quality user experiences.

You are welcome to approach us with your research questions and project ideas at any time.

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